Local Authority Governor Nominations

Local Authority Governors are those governors nominated by the Local Authority. 

The process for appointing and nominating LA Governors to school and academy Governing Boards is agreed by the Council's Constitution Committee.  The process is currently under revision, but complies with the School Governance (Constitution) (England) Regulations which came into force in September 2012.  Under these Regulations, a ‘local authority governor’ is a person who -

(a) is nominated by the local authority; and

(b) is appointed as a governor by the governing body having, in the opinion of the governing body, met any eligibility criteria that they have set.

The Elected Members' School Governor Nomination Panel retains its responsibility to appoint to Academies where this is specified in the Academies Articles of Association and also where the LA has statutory intervention powers relating to schools in the Cheshire East Improving Outcomes Programme (IOP). 

The Elected Members' School Governor Nomination Panel meets at least termly.  The clerk to governors, Headteacher and Chair of Governors of those schools with a LA governor vacancy are requested to provide any specific information and appointment criteria that may assist the nomination/appointment process and request any nomination the governing board wishes to make to the next meeting of the Panel.  Local members are also given the opportunity to recommend candidates for nomination to the Panel.  Where there is more than one application for a vacancy, all applications are given equal consideration by the Panel and a decision will be made in line with the agreed procedure, taking full account of any particular skills and attributes provided to the Panel by the school.

Authority Governors are not required to have a particular political affiliation.  If you are interested in becoming an LA Governor please complete a Local Authority Governor application form (MS Word,145KB) and email it to schoolgovernance@cheshireeast.gov.uk. Before completing the application form please read the accompanying guidance (PDF, 306KB).