Children Missing out on Education (CMOOE)

Department for Education guidance states that all pupils of compulsory school age are entitled to a full-time education. In very exceptional circumstances there may be a need for a temporary part-time timetable to meet a pupil’s individual needs, a part-time timetable may be considered as part of a short term package. 

Any pastoral support programme or other agreement must have a time limit by which point the pupil is expected to attend full-time or be provided with alternative provision.

In agreeing to a part-time timetable, a school and the parent/guardian have agreed to a pupil being absent from school for part of the week or day, and therefore must record it as authorised absence.

Current guidance from Ofsted states that schools, including academies and free schools, should inform the Local Authority of any part-time education arrangements regardless of school. This includes schools maintained by the Local Authorities, Academies, Free Schools and Independent Schools. 

From September 2016 all schools will be expected to report these students to the authority using the Children missing out on education online form. 

More information can be found in the CMOOE One Minute Guide (PDF, 177KB.)