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Developer contributions

Developer contributions are means of mitigating the impact of new developments on local infrastructure. As a service we would seek developer contributions towards education provision, should a new development generate a need for additional school places.


Contributions are calculated on a clear and transparent basis in accordance with the Community Infrastructure Levy. You can visit our Spatial Planning pages for further information.


Cheshire East Council staff are always wiling to provide advice on a "Without Prejudice" basis. Contact for further advice. 

Section 77

School playing field land is protected under Section 77 of the School Standards and Framework Act 1998

For the purpose of Section 77 playing fields includes grass, pitches, tarmac playgrounds, games courts and areas  used for social and recreational use.

Any proposal to change the use of or dispose of land classed as playing field requires an application to the Secretary of State. This includes building on playing field.

Please contact  for further guidance.

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