New Healthy Pupils Capital Fund grant

Nationally, £100m of revenue generated from the Soft Drinks Industry Levy will be used for the Healthy Pupils Capital Fund. This fund is intended to improve children’s and young people’s physical and mental health by enhancing access to facilities for physical activity, healthy eating, mental health and wellbeing and medical conditions. These facilities include kitchens, dining facilities, changing rooms, playgrounds and sports facilities. 

Together with the 2018-19 School Condition Allocation, the Department for Education announced additional funding for the Authority in relation to a Healthy Pupils Capital Funding grant which for Cheshire East Councils maintained establishments (excluding Voluntary Aided schools ) was £212,673.

In response to the announcement of the above allocation, we are opening a bidding round with a minimum level for any bid of £10,000. However, we would ask schools to be aware of the authority's allocation, in order that bids are realistic. For further information regarding the conditions of the grant and examples of projects please refer to the DfE guidance Healthy Pupils Capital Fund Guidance 

Healthy Pupils Capital Fund allocation

Eligible establishments able to bid are:

  • Community Schools
  • Voluntary Controlled Schools
  • Foundation and Trust Schools

Allocations will be made through a bidding process under the following headings:

  • Kitchens
  • Dining facilities
  • Changing rooms
  • Playgrounds and sports facilities

Settings may only place one bid  i.e. one from the Kitchens category or one from the Dining Facilities category, or one from the Changing rooms category or one from the Playgrounds and sports facilities category.

How to apply

Applications are made through the completion of the Healthy Pupil Capital Fund bidding Application Form(MS Excel, 46KB)
Completed applications for Capital Funding should be submitted by email to:
Bids can be submitted at anytime up to the deadline of 5pm on Friday 27th April, 2018. 

Establishments will be informed of the outcome of their bids by mid June 2018, following our formal internal approval processes.

Project finance

In order for a bid to be considered as capital expenditure, the total project cost must be in excess of £10,000, in accordance with Cheshire East Council’s Constitution.

However, we would ask schools to be aware of the authority's allocation, in order that bids are realistic.

School contributions

Any schools bidding for capital projects will need to demonstrate how much they are prepared to commit to the scheme, this contribution must bear a relation to the level of schools balances.  The intention in doing this is to ensure that the limited funds the authority holds will go further and improve facilities for more children. 

Contacts and guidance on application form

If you are considering submitting a bid and would like further advice, please do not hesitate to contact our team on:

Asset management

The Property Projects Team in the Assets & Regeneration Service within Cheshire East Council can provide professional advice, access to services to support the design, development and project management of the delivery and implementation of your project. The team can support you in the overall process from inception to completion, including procuring, commissioning and managing all consultants and contractors, and ensure satisfactory compliance with Cheshire East Council’s Constitution. . 

Please contact Debra Wrench (01270) 686110 if you would like further advice on this service.

If you are intending to self-manage the project and procure Consultants and Contractors directly, please note that formal Landlord Consent is required from  Cheshire East Council (contact the Property Helpdesk in the first instance ) and Cheshire East Council’s Constitution must be followed with any contracts appropriately endorsed by the Council’s Legal Services.

The Council may also, depending on the scale, complexity and value of the project, introduce an additional formal monitoring service to ensure that Grant monies allocated are spent in accordance with the approved purposes

School managed schemes

If a school is managing a capital scheme itself, it is their responsibility to ensure that written; landlord approval has been sought and granted. 

Professional fees

If you do not yet have a specific fee agreement with a consultant, please allow 15% of the cost of the works.

Statutory fees

Your project may need planning permission and/or building regulation approval.  You should allow up to 2% of the works value for this cost.


You may need to make an allowance for unknowns.

Spending deadline

As in previous years, it is assumed that the funding for 2018-19 will be time limited and all works must be certified as complete by 31st March 2019 (other than in a pre-approved exceptional circumstance). 

Contact us

Email Organisation and Capital Strategy

0300 123 5500