Children and Families Capital Programme 2019-2020

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Opportunity to bid for funding - Capital Funding announcement

The Department for Education (DfE) announced on 4 April 2019 the School Condition Allocation grant  for the financial year 2019-20 which reflects schools moving to a new responsible body, opening or closing.

Children and Families are opening up the opportunity to eligible establishments to bid for capital funding of which establishments will be informed of the outcome of their bids early July 2019, following our formal internal approval processes.

Opening the opportunity assists eligible establishments to commission the works prior to the school holidays, where possible, which ensures spend within the financial year. 

DfE funding allocations comprise of two funding streams, these are held centrally by CEC for use within the Children and Families Service:

Basic need

All schools within the Borough will be considered under this category. No action is required from establishments as the School Organisation and Capital Strategy Team will determine proposals, in consultation with all stakeholders.

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