Children and Families Capital Programme

Recent capital projects

Want to know where the Authority is spending is capital funding? Recently completed, on-site, or in development, capital projects in Cheshire East schools include:

  • Scholar Green Primary School – One classroom extension to  provide 30 additional places
  • Shavington Primary Academy – Expansion to 2 FE
  • Monks Coppenhall Academy – Expansion to 3 FE
  • Hungerford Academy – Expansion to 3 FE
  • Chelford CE Primary School – One classroom expansion to allow the school to increase its PAN to 13
  • Weaver Primary – Replacement of mobile classroom with permanent build
  • Oakfield Lodge – New building on existing site
  • Poynton High School and Wyche Primary School – Condition schemes
  • Wilmslow High School – To facilitate Admission over PAN in 2018
  • Cranberry Primary Academy – Expansion to 2 FE
  • The Quinta Primary School – Expansion to 2 FE
  • Alsager School – Expansion by 150 places
  • Disley Primary School – Extension/re-modelling to facilitate increase in PAN to 40

Sufficiency Statement for Children and Young People with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

A Sufficiency Statement for Children and Young People with special educational needs and disabilities has been adopted for April 2017- 2018.

As a partnership, Cheshire East is committed to providing the best quality education and support for all our children and young people to ensure they achieve the best possible outcomes. Having the right educational placement is key to supporting children and young people to achieve their potential and to develop the range of skills and experiences they need to equip them for adulthood.

Through developing its provision the Council aims to:-

  • achieve the best possible outcomes for children and young people
  • ensure there are the right number and type of places to meet children and young peoples needs
  • ensure that children and young people can have their needs met within the local community wherever possible
  • make the best use of its resources

Cheshire East Council proposes to increase specialist provision in our Borough as the amount of provision we currently have doesn’t meet the identified need.

The Councils aim is that all of our children and young people are happy, healthy, safe and are able to live a life that is full of opportunities to learn and develop. We want all of our children and young people to achieve to their full potential and go into adulthood equipped with the skills they need to enjoy their adult lives. 

The SEND sufficiency statement identified gaps in the needs and provision of services so in response the Council has developed  a 3 year implementation plan which outlines the revised SEND provision  with an aim to deliver 270 additional places for Cheshire East pupils with SEND .

Proposed additional provision within this document includes:

  • Springfield School -  two storey classroom block
  • Adelaide Academy – two storey build
  • Park Lane – Expansion to accommodate 40 additional pupils

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