Education HR Consultancy

Tailored HR  advice and guidance specifically for education establishments 

Purchasing Education HR Consultancy will ensure that Head Teachers and Governors are able to carry out their statutory and contractual responsibilities and use good employment practices - thus ensuring compliance and minimising risk. Sector specific advice - all support whether it is telephone or school based, will be provided by professionally qualified staff with extensive education sector experience. Tailored advice to the individual needs of your establishment. Reliable and robust HR advice at an early stage is essential in ensuring that staff issues do not escalate.

Education HR Consultancy can help navigate you through the potential pitfalls thereby saving you time and money. It is vital that schools and academies ensure that their policies and practices comply with legal requirements. Education HR Consultancy provide new and updated model policies and procedures for Governing Body adoption. Recognised trade unions are consulted on all policies and procedures prior to publication which means that the school or academy don't have to.

More information about the packages we offer is available on the Cheshire East School Services (ChESS) website .


Poynton High School, David Waugh, Head Teacher

"Expert, supportive, knowledgeable, understanding… are just some of the words I would use to describe the service I have received from our HR Consultants. Over the last three years I have had to undertake significant staff reduction (over 13.0 FTE ), substantial restructure, and to manage some very challenging and complicated staffing situations. I have found Education HR Consultancy to be absolutely invaluable. From supporting redundancy processes to union negotiations, from advice and support, from policy to procedure, the service has always been first class. All members of the team are expert in supporting you in the most difficult and challenging circumstances. I cannot recommend this service to you highly enough."

The Quinta Academy (Primary) Tracey Walklate, Head Teacher

"The Quinta have long purchased Education HR Consultancy support from Cheshire East. The support and guidance received on personnel issues have always been excellent. During the last two years, we have had a named HR Officer. Alongside the usual personnel issues that our HR contact has supported the school with; the school have also purchased additional services. This has included the HR Officers undertaking discussion workshops with staff, teaching and support staff, which has helped the school develop a more robust PM system, but more importantly allowed staff to feel valued and listened to. The HR Officers have also lead appraiser training for the whole CLT  and supported new appraisers as they take on the role. These additional services have been invaluable and more than worth the additional cost. I fully recommend these services."

Vernon Primary School, Joanne Carvell, Head Teacher 

"We have worked with Education HR Consultancy for many years and have developed an incredibly positive working relationship with the team. This expert consultancy team are always highly professional, flexible, knowledgeable and supportive across a range of areas for which we have needed advice. Over the last ten years, Education HR Consultancy has supported the Leadership Team with a number of highly complex issues and areas, such as capability procedures during an amalgamation and absence management processes. They are always available to provide support, both over the telephone, as well as during face-to-face situations. We cannot thank them enough for their ongoing support, advice and professionalism and we do not know what we would do without them. Thank you."