September 2020 school place allocations

School place allocations are decided by the admission authority for each school following the dates in the school applications timetable.

Overall school place allocation statistics for September 2020

Primary school allocations

91% of Cheshire East residents were offered a place at their first preference primary school.

98% were offered a place at one of their three preferred primary schools.

Total number of applications - 4,241

Applications from Cheshire East residents - 4,014

Secondary school allocations

92% of Cheshire East residents were offered a place at their first preference secondary school.

97% were offered a place at one of their three preferred secondary schools.

Total number of applications - 4,511

Applications from Cheshire East residents - 4,100

Allocations by school for September 2020 admissions

You can check last year's allocation details to see:

  • each school's published admissions number (PAN) (schools can choose to take more children than the PAN as long as they do not have infant classes of more than 30)
  • the number of children each school took - if a school took fewer children than its published admissions number (PAN), then it will have offered a place to every child who applied.
  • the lowest category from each school's admissions policy used in allocating places - if, for example, the lowest category was 3, then all children who met category numbers 1 and 2, got a place; some or all who met category number 3 got a place, but no child who only met any category lower than 3 got a place.
  • the furthest distance away any child lived who got a place (as measured in a straight line (in miles) between school and home using the National Land and Property Gazeteer) - the school may have turned down children who lived further away or they may not have had any applications from children who lived further away 

Primary school allocations

Primary school allocations September 2020 (PDF(155KB) 

Secondary school allocations

Where a school gave more places than the published admissions number, the number is in bold.

Secondary school allocations September 2020
School nameType of schoolPublished admissions number (PAN)Places allocatedLowest criteriaFurthest distance within lowest criteria
All Hallows Catholic College Academy 210 210 5 2.799
Alsager School Academy 265 265 6 4.396
Brine Leas School Academy 215 245 6 1.47
Congleton High School Academy 200 188 6 9.464
Eaton Bank Academy Academy 180 180 5 11.83
Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School Academy 210 240 5 5.982
Knutsford Academy Academy 180 280 6 10.36
Malbank School Foundation 210 166 8 6.019
Middlewich High School Community 140 134 distance 4.987
Poynton High School Academy 246 246 5 5.558
Ruskin Community High School Community 140 140 distance 0.99
Sandbach High School Academy 240 260 7 5.6
Sandbach School (Free school) Academy 240 236 7 15.29
Shavington Academy Academy 170 170 5 1.366
Sir William Stanier Community School Academy 150 125 5 1.8
St Thomas More Catholic High School Academy 128 128 8 0.121
The Fallibroome Academy Academy 240 240 5 2.288
The Macclesfield Academy Academy 120 145 5 4.766
The Oaks Academy Academy 156 96 5 1.606
Tytherington School Academy 210 240 5 0.283
Wilmslow High School Community 300 345 in area/feeder 2.345

Check your school place decision

School place decisions are available online from the offer dates given in the applications timetable for those who applied online. Online applicants will also get an email. If you applied by phone or post, you will get a letter by second class post.

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