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School Admission Catchment Maps

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About catchment areas

Catchment areas help schools to identify their communities and give parents an indication of their local school. Schools generally admit pupils from its catchment area, although there is no guarantee of a place for pupils resident within the catchment area or for pupils who subsequently move into the area at a later date.

All Cheshire East maintained community and voluntary controlled schools are surrounded by a defined geographical area known as their catchment area. Most voluntary aided schools and foundation schools will also have a catchment area.

Catchment areas for church schools are generally based on parish boundaries and often cover a wide area sometimes ‘overlapping’ catchment areas of other schools. Schools will be able to provide more information, if required.

There are a number of schools who do not have a catchment area, these are identified within the schools admission arrangements and over subscription criteria.

Parents are not required to submit an application for their local 'catchment area' school but may choose to do so. Living in a catchment area may give pupils a higher priority for admission to a school over other pupils who live outside the catchment area, which would apply in the event that the school receives more applications than it has places available (i.e. oversubscribed). Information on the oversubscription criteria used for admissions is listed in the Admissions Information Booklets.

The primary and secondary information booklets also contain maps which illustrate Cheshire East divided into localities, and the position of schools within these. This may assist parents in identifying schools in their locality. 

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