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Key terms and responsibilities in school admission appeals


Academies are publicly funded schools which operate outside of local authority control. The admissions authority for the school is the Academy Trust.


Advisory Centre for Education - provides advice and information to parents and carers on a wide range of school based issues. 

Block appeals

Groups of appeals against decisions on applications for admission in September at the normal point of entry to school. These are held between May and July for admissions into the reception class in a primary school and year 7 in a secondary school for the following September.


Impartial officer, often with a legal background, who provides the panel with advice on procedure to ensure compliance with legal requirements


The Government's Department for Education.

Free schools

A school similar to an Academy which is publicly funded which operates outside of local authority control. The admissions authority for the school is the governing body.

Foundation schools

A school with charitable status, maintained by the local authority, which owns its own buildings and grounds, employs its own staff and determines its own admissions. The admissions authority for the school is the governing body.

In year appeals

Appeals against decisions on applications for admission to schools throughout the year. These appeals exclude appeals against unsuccessful applications for reception class places in a primary school, and year 7 places in secondary schools for admission at the normal point of entry to school in September (These are classed as block appeals)

Infant class size legislation

Legal requirement to keep infant classes ( those where the majority of children will reach  the age of 5, 6 or 7 during the school year) at no more than 30 pupils with a single qualified school teacher


The Local Authority (LA) is responsible for

  • Admissions to Community Schools
  • Admissions in Church of England Controlled Schools.

In Catholic and Church of England Aided Schools, Foundation and Free Schools, the school governing body is responsible for admissions.

In Academies it is the school's Trust who is responsible for admissions and you should contact those schools direct for further information regarding appeals.

Presenting Officer

Representative of the admission authority, responsible for presenting the admission authority's case at appeal. For community and voluntary controlled schools, for which the local authority is the admission authority, a  local authority officer has this role.

Voluntary aided school

Catholic or Church of England schools where the admissions authority is the governing body.

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