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Appeals process

The law does not guarantee you a place at your preferred school but it allows you to express a preference for schools of your choice. In Cheshire East most parents are offered their first choice, however, for some schools demand exceeds the number of places in the year group resulting in some applications being unsuccessful.  Such decisions are made by admission authorities when applying their determined admission arrangements, which are published in our information booklets. If this happens with your application, you will be notified of your legal right of appeal against the decision by the admission authority not to offer you a place.

If you decide to appeal, you are strongly advised to seek a place at an alternative school in case your appeal is unsuccessful. Securing a place at an alternative school will not prejudice your right of appeal for any other school.

Information about the appeals process is available in the School Admissions Appeals Code available from the Department for Education. Parents can also seek advice from the Advisory Centre for Education.

Appeal application form

To make an appeal you must complete an appeal application form provided by the school's admission authority.  If you are appealing for more than one school, separate appeal forms must be completed. Separate appeal hearings will be held for each school.  Some schools may change status during the academic year, which will mean that the admission authority will also change.  If you are unsure, please check with the school or the Local Authority to ensure that you complete the correct form.

Community and Voluntary Controlled School - The Local Authority is the admission authority for these schools. Please complete the form below to make your appeal:

All other schools  (Academies, Studio, Free, Voluntary Aided, Foundation and Trusts) - The governing body or academy trust is the admission authority for these schools. You will therefore need to request an appeal application form from the school. Completed appeals forms must be returned to the school and not the Local Authority. School contact details are published in our booklets.

Infant class size appeals - If you are thinking about appealing for a place in an infant class, please read this important information before completing your application:

More information in about infant class size appeals is published by the Department for Education

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