Nationality Checking Service

The Nationality Checking Team can help make sure your application for British Citizenship isn't delayed. We do this by:

  • checking your forms to make sure everything is completed correctly
  • making sure all the required documents and fees are attached before the application is sent to the Home Office.

We are able to return to you all your important documents (such as your passport and marriage certificate) rather than you having to submit them to the Home Office.

How we help

If you decide to use the service, a trained advisor will:

  • check your application forms have been completed correctly
  • make sure all required documents are attached
  • check that the correct fee has been submitted
  • photocopy valuable documents such as passports and marriage certificates
  • certify the copies and return the originals to you
  • collect and submit 'Life in the UK' certificates and other evidence of competence in the English language
  • ensure your completed application is sent to the Home Office by special delivery.

More about the service

Cheshire East’s Nationality Checking Service is a partnership between the Home Office Border and Immigration Agency and Cheshire East Council. The team have received training from immigration specialists and are committed to providing a first-rate service.

Application forms

Get the British Nationality application form in one of the following ways:


Nationality Checking Service fees::

Fees payable at the time the NCS appointment
Type of ApplicationChargeable fee including VAT
Adult £75.00
Child £40.00

The above fees are payable at the time the NCS appointment is made and are non refundable.