Same Sex Marriage

Same Sex Marriages and Notice of Marriage

Couples not in an existing legal relationship can now give notice of marriage up to 12 months before their ceremony date.

If you would like to make a booking for a marriage, please contact our Ceremonies Team on 01270 375140 or see our Your Ceremony website.

Civil Partnership Ceremonies

Civil Partnership is still available to same sex couples.

Opposite Sex Civil Partnerships are also available.  Further information on these is available at

Conversions of Civil Partnerships to Marriage

You can convert your civil partnership to a marriage at the Register Office in Crewe.

The conversion can be simply an administrative process but you can also organise a ceremony with us to celebrate your new status at one of our approved premises.  Please telephone our Ceremonies Team on 01270 375140 or see our Your Ceremony website.

The conversion will take place in the Register Office.  It will be a private interview with one of our registration officers and will take about 25 minutes to complete.  Both civil partners need to attend and you need to bring evidence of your civil partnership (the civil partnership certificate) and evidence of identity, normally a valid passport.

You will be asked to sign a statement confirming that you wish to convert your civil partnership into a marriage and also to confirm that your civil partnership has not been dissolved.  Witnesses are not required.

The registration officer will then record the conversion and issue a certificate from a conversion register.

You can attend the Register Office in Cheshire East for your conversion even if you do not live within the District or if your civil partnership took place in another registration district within England and Wales.  if your civil partnership took place outside England and Wales, please phone the Ceremonies Team on 01270 375140 for further information.


The fee for the conversion is £45 plus a statutory fee for the marriage certificate, which is currently £11.

If you need any more information about this process or would like to book an appointment or a ceremony with us, please telephone our Ceremonies Team on 01270 375140.

Further information

  • You can find further information about marriage and civil partnership on the website
  • Further information is also available from Stonewall

Contact the Register Office

Email or see Gov.UK.

Page last reviewed: 07 January 2021