How to find us guide

The arrangement of how to find us guides can make a subtle impact on how visitors choose to travel to your site. By providing information on walking and cycling routes first, followed by public transport links, and describing driving routes last, you may find that some visitors will choose the sustainable modes.

Meetings and conferences

If you host meetings at your site, consider putting a shuttle bus on from the local town or train station, so that visitors are not limited to using their cars. You could also consider sending a complimentary one day travel pass with any invitations you send out.

Discounts at attractions for sustainable travel

You could consider offering discounts to the entrance fees to any visitors who travel sustainably to your site.

Case study: Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo has provided a range of measures designed to encourage visitors to the attraction to travel sustainably. The travel web pages have been updated to reflect the priority given to sustainable transport, and to make visitors aware of the range of public transport options available when planning their visit. The zoo also runs a free shuttle bus from Chester Rail Station. Any visitors who arrive by bike are entitled to a 15% discount off the cost of admission.