Poynton High School’s transport page

As schools are preparing to reopen, we are making students’ journeys to and from school as safe as possible and want to reassure you that we, and the operators we work with, have put in place the measures recommended by the Government to protect all those choosing to travel on school transport if they cannot walk, cycle or arrive at school by car.

Please make sure you have read the full guidance to find out how students can travel to school safely in the pandemic and what you can expect from us.

The PHS 1 - 6 Bus Service Booklet 2021-22 (PDF, 1MB) bus services serving Poynton High School.

Students will be sent a travel ticket ready to show to the driver when boarding the bus, as long as they have applied and paid for travel.

Details of pick up points/drop off points and times for all routes will be sent to you with your child’s travel ticket. Please note that some pupils may be required to travel on a different bus in order to maintain year group ‘bubbles’ as required. You should follow the instructions provided by school regarding the bus your child has been allocated to, regardless of what bus number is stated on the ticket.

The timetables, routes, pick-up points and a map of the relevant area are included in the booklet and also a list of frequently asked questions provided by Transport Service Solutions, who are managing the transport on behalf of Poynton High School. Transport Service Solutions also manage public and school transport for Cheshire East Council.

Students travelling on these buses must have a travel ticket. Bus pass checks will be carried out throughout the school year.

If you have any questions you can contact Transport Service Solutions on 0300 123 5012 and ask for Poynton High School Transport or email: schooltransport@transportservicesolutions.co.uk

If you choose to use the new Poynton High School buses PHS 1 - 6 then you need to apply for transport by clicking on the following links and completing the online forms:

Apply now

Paying for your travel ticket

Cost of the travel ticket

The costs for 2021 / 2022 are:

  • nothing if your child is eligible for assisted transport
  • £250 for term 1 or £125 per half a term
  • £250 for term 2 or £125 per half a term
  • £200 for term 3 or £100 per half a term
  • £700 per year

This is the equivalent of £3.68 per day.

Benefits of having a travel ticket

  • before your child travels, you can pay for all their school bus fares
  • finding the correct bus fare every day will no longer be necessary
  • passengers can board the bus more quickly, keeping buses on time