Available walking routes - phase 1

23 February 2017 - special meeting of the Council

This meeting was to consider issues raised on behalf of Members who used powers, set out in legislation, to call a Special Council meeting, so that consideration could be given to a number of concerns raised in relation to the decisions on available walking routes taken by Cabinet on 18 October 2016. Full details about the matters considered, including background information, are available on this website.

25 November 2016 

Meetings arranged with schools affected to discuss innovative solutions to the application of the revised available walking route to their school.

11 November 2016

Letters to parents of pupils affected by the revised available walking routes. Letters include details of the alternative eligibility criteria for Free Transport and process to apply. Newcastle Road street lighting switched on.

8 November 2016 

Parents with children affected by the decision of 18 October were written to and the Council's website was updated to provide clarification about the review process, the timescales involved, and the grounds on which parents can request a review of the decision to withdraw free transport - Appeals Information Published for Parents (PDF, 11KB).

18 October 2016

That the decisions taken by Cabinet on 14th June 2016 be confirmed subject to certain provisions, which are summarised below. For full details please refer to the 18 October Cabinet decision meeting.

  1. Middlewood Way be confirmed as an available walking route;
  2. the implementation of changes to the availability of routes be postponed until September 2017;
  3. the Executive Director - People be given delegated authority to arrange transitional grant funding;
  4. certain highway improvements be approved and monitored by the relevant Portfolio Holders with a view to implementation by 2017;
  5. for any future route assessments... local members to be invited to accompany officers on a route review;
  6. the Executive Director - Place be requested to review the Council’s Sustainable Modes of Travel Strategy and bring a revised strategy to Cabinet for consideration and approval; and
  7. Cabinet note the Children and Families Overview and Scrutiny Committee’s disappointment at a perceived lack of consultation.

19 July 2016

Children and Families Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting considered the call-in of the 14 June Cabinet decision and made a series of recommendations to Cabinet.

20 June 2016

Call in of Cabinet decision of 14 June as it was considered that,

  • relevant information was not considered;
  • viable alternatives had not been considered; and
  • the decision taken by Cabinet could be open to challenge.

See Children and Families Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting held on 19 July 2016 (above) for more information.

14 June 2016 

Cabinet considered a report on a review of available walking routes to school and approved the reclassification of reassessed routes and withdrawal of free transport from April 2017 and authorised the Executive Director for People to spend £150,000 from the Local Transport Plan budget allocation for 2016/17 to improve further walking routes to school to bring them up to required standard so that free school transport for those improved routes may be subsequently withdrawn.