Better Deal for Buses Funding Statement of Intent

In line with its allocation of £320,005 of funding under the Better Deal for Buses for enhancement of Local Bus services within the Borough during 2020/21, the Council submitted of Statement of Intent to the Department of Transport by the deadline of 13 March 2020. Details of the proposals included in the Statement of Intent are included below.

The Council is now in receipt of this amount, however with the escalation of the Covid 19 pandemic, the Department for Transport issued the following statement to all Local Transport Authorities on 28 May 2020:

‘As you know, the Department is allowing local transport authorities to use some, or all, of their funding allocations from the £30 million Funding for Supported Bus Services in 2020-21 as part of the Better Deal for Bus Users to retain or restore bus services affected by the outbreak.’

In light of this and with a desire to maintain the existing Local Bus Network, where appropriate, within these challenging times the Council is currently reconsidering the allocation of this funding.

Better Bus Funding
Route Description Days Estimated Cost  CommentsSupport Criteria Score
87, 89 Northwich - Knutsford - High Legh - Altrincham Mon - Fri £85,000 Additional 89 journey for Knutsford Academy which should generate revenue and 3 round trips Knutsford to Altrincham via High Legh and Little Bollington. Coordinated with existing 88 out of Altrincham. 10.7
317 Leighton Hospital - Alsager Saturday £40,000 Daytime service currently operates Monday to Friday only. 10.5
6E Leighton Hospital - Shavington Mon - Sat £7,500 Evening service currently operates Monday to Friday only. Extended hours of operation. 9.8
9, 10A Macclesfield - Moss Rose - Bollington Mon - Sat £7,500 Enhanced evening service. 9.6
32 Crewe - Warmingham - Sandbach Mon - Fri Off Peak £30,000 Restore a service into Warmingham. 9.1
78 Nantwich - Leighton Hospital Saturday £40,000 Introduction of a Saturday service and plus support for Monday - Friday service. 9.1
30 Northwich - Leighton Hospital - Shavington Sunday & BH £20,000 Shared with Cheshire West. 11.2
36 Sandbach - Middlewich - Leighton Hospital - Shavington Sunday & BH £40,000 Cheshire East Only. 10
130 Macclesfield - Handforth Sunday & BH £40,000 Serves Macclesfield Hospital. 9.2