Duty planning officer - pre-planning application advice

The pre application advice service has currently been suspended. 

More information is available on our planning update page.

This is for verbal pre-application advice from the duty planning officer for straightforward applications such as extensions to houses and small commercial buildings, new shop fronts and adverts or small infill developments.

It is not suitable for major or complex applications or where you require a written response.

This service is free of charge and takes 15 minutes. 

Make an appointment to see the duty planning officer

You can make an appointment to see the duty planning officer by calling 0300 123 5014.  Depending on availability appointments are in:

A site visit cannot be made as part of this service, but you can provide photographs of the site to help illustrate its context.

The duty officer offers advice based on their own professional judgement, but this will not commit the Council to follow that advice if you make a formal application.

Page last reviewed: 05 August 2021