Cheshire Replacement Waste Local Plan

Waste Local PlanCheshire County Council adopted the Cheshire Replacement Waste Local Plan on 12 July 2007. It provides policies to guide decisions on planning applications for waste management facilities by:

  • Highlighting our aims and priorities
  • Setting the criteria that planning applications must meet
  • Identifying sites that might be suitable for managing waste

The plan’s priorities are:

  • Balancing the need for new waste management facilities with the protection and enhancement of the environment and quality of life.
  • Enabling an increase in the number of facilities which recycle and re-use waste.
  • Encouraging the use of the most up to date waste management technologies.
  • Reducing the need for landfill.

All policies within the Cheshire Replacement Waste Local Plan were saved by the Secretary of State in March 2010 (as detailed in the Saved Policies letter below). A number of policies have now been replaced by policies in the Local Plan Strategy (adopted 27 July 2017); a list of these is available to download below.

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