Additional Planning Policies

In addition to the new Cheshire East Local Plan and saved policies, there are also a number of documents that set out the Council's intentions with regard to specific topics and sites/areas. Some of these were adopted as Supplementary Planning Guidance Notes prior to the introduction of the 2004 Planning System. Others have been Council-approved as planning guidance and development briefs. Further documents, leaflets and booklets have also been produced which provide information on various aspects of the built environment and the planning system

A number of Conservation Area Character Appraisals have also been produced. These appraisals are not formal policy, but are useful in guiding future development affecting Conservation Areas.

Although all of these documents are not part of the statutory development plan for Cheshire East, they may still be considered as a material consideration in the determination of planning applications.

Details of all planning policy documents can also be found in the planning policy document index.

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