Strategic housing market assessment

Strategic Housing Market Assessments are a way of assessing housing markets and housing need. They are a crucial part of the Local Plan evidence base and ensure that policies are developed with a full understanding of how housing markets operate in the borough.

Cheshire East strategic housing market assessment update 2013

A comprehensive SHMA for Cheshire East was published and adopted in September 2010. In order to provide outputs to support the preparation of the Council’s Local Plan, the 2013 update uses more up to date 2011 census data to update the general social, economic, demographic and dwelling stock context of the borough. The update also aligns the SHMA evidence base to reflect the National Planning Policy Framework.

Cheshire East strategic housing market assessment 2010

Row Of HousesA Strategic Housing Market Assessment (PDF, 2.4MB) was produced by Arc4 consultants on behalf of Cheshire East Council.  The Assessment was carried out in accordance with the guidance note 'Strategic Housing Market Assessments: Practice Guidance' and with guidance from the Cheshire East Housing Market Partnership.   Please note, that in light of further information received, an amendment has been made to paragraphs 1.12 and 5.13 (31 January 2011).

Core outputs from the SHMA include:

  • Estimates of current dwellings in terms of size, type, condition and tenure
  • Analysis of past and current housing market trends and key drivers underpinning the housing market
  • Estimate of current number of households in housing need
  • Estimate of future households requiring market and affordable housing
  • Estimates of the sizes of housing required
  • Estimates of household groups who have particular housing requirements.

An Executive Summary (PDF, 164KB) is also available.

To compliment the SHMA a report on the Economic Viability of Affordable Housing Requirements (PDF, 908KB) and an Extra Care Housing Report (PDF, 549KB) have also been produced.