Macclesfield Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

Macclesfield Flood Risk MapIn September 2007 JBA Consulting was commissioned by to undertake the Macclesfield Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA).

This SFRA is prepared in accordance with Planning Policy Statement 25 Development and Flood Risk (PPS25). It is a planning tool that enables the Council to select and implement sustainable development away from vulnerable flood risk areas. The assessment focuses on allocated and potential development sites already identified but also sets out the procedure to be followed when assessing additional sites in the future. The SFRA will assist the council to make the spatial planning decisions required to inform the Local Development Framework.

Section 4 of this SFRA comprises a review of the area formerly covered by Macclesfield Borough Council, and its allocated and potential development sites. A detailed review of policy documents and SFRA procedures is included as Appendix A.

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