Trees and Development Supplementary Planning Document

Congleton Borough Council adopted the Trees and Development Supplementary Planning Document on 17th October 2006. It is intended to be used in conjunction with the Congleton Borough Local Plan in the determination of planning applications.Trees and development

The purpose of this document is to ensure that appropriate attention is given to trees within the development process. It provides guidance for circumstances where there are trees on or adjacent to a development site, whatever the scale of development.

Trees are an important element of the landscapes and townscapes of the area, where they can make a valuable contribution to visual amenity. They may have historic importance, as part of wider designed landscapes or be keys to the history of the landscape by identifying former highways, settlements or field boundaries. They may also have ecological value, by providing habitats for legally protected and Biodiversity Action Plan species. It is essential that the presence of existing trees be considered at an early stage in the development process and that where appropriate, provision is made for new tree planting. Whilst trees can be seen as a constraint, with sympathetic design they can enhance a development.

Throughout the development process, the Local Planning Authority is seeking to promote a coordinated approach, with all parties working towards the aim of sustainable development with a healthy tree population.

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