Rural Development Supplementary Planning Document

Congleton Borough Council adopted the Rural Development Supplementary Planning Document on 16th July 2008.

Rural Development

The document is intended to be used in conjunction with, and as a supplement to the saved policies contained in the Congleton Borough Local Plan, providing advice to developers on the Council's preferred approach to development in rural areas to ensure:

  • support for local services and the vitality of rural areas;
  • appropriate rural buildings are re-used or redeveloped;
  • proposed uses are appropriate for rural buildings;
  • The built and natural rural environment is enhanced and protected.

The SPD is intended to encourage the sustainable development of the rural areas, by maximising assets through the re-use and redevelopment of suitable rural buildings and land to enable the needs of rural residents to be met.  The requirements set out in this SPD are not intended to be over-prescriptive, but to advise developers and applicants of the Council's expectations.

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