Mid Point 18 Development Brief Supplementary Planning Document

The Mid Point 18 Development Brief was adopted by Congleton Borough Council as a Supplementary Planning Document on 3rd April 2007.

The Congleton Borough Local Plan allocates two parcels of land: one to the south of Cledford Lane under policy DP1(M1), and one centred on New Farm/Centura Foods and Booth Lane under policies DP1(M2) and DP3(M2), for Employment and Employment, Leisure and Tourism development respectively.

Policy DP10(M1) makes provision for the construction of the Middlewich Eastern Bypass through both of these parcels of land. The development of these areas will form part of the southern expansion of the existing Midpoint 18 Development, and will be referred to as the Midpoint 18 Phase 3 Development.

Policy DP8 requires the production of supplementary planning guidance in the form of a development brief for the two allocations referred to above. This brief has been prepared to satisfy the requirements of this policy in respect of both of these allocations.

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