Local List of Historic Buildings

Cheshire East has a rich and varied heritage which is reflected in the buildings and structures which make up its towns and villages. The Council is keen to recognise this locally distinctive heritage; one means of recognising this heritage is the production of a “local list” of buildings and structures.

Consequently, Cheshire East Council has prepared a Local List of Historic Buildings and accompanying Supplementary Planning Document.  This document is intended to identify buildings and structures within Cheshire East that are of local importance yet without another form of national historic environment designation.

The value of publishing a local list is dual fold, it allows both a watching brief to be kept on those buildings or structures within the document whilst also influencing the spatial planning processes in relation to the buildings and structures, through the document's status as a material consideration in the determination of planning applications. Inclusion in this list, however, does not afford any additional statutory protection or grant aid, but it is intended that every effort will be made to conserve those buildings and structures contained within it in order to benefit the Borough as a whole. This will be achieved by persuasion and the careful consideration of development proposals as they arise.

The document was formally adopted by Cheshire East Council on 14th October 2010.

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