Alsager Town Centre Strategy Supplementary Planning Document

The purpose of the Alsager Town Centre Strategy SPD is to complement policies saved policies in the Congleton Local Plan (particularly policies S1, S4, S5 and S6) to provide additional practical guidance and support for those involved in the planning of new development within Alsager Town Centre. The scope of this document is intended to be wider than that of land-use planning and covers all those aspects of policy guidance with a spatial dimension relevant to town centres, including economic, environmental and social well being and matters such as community safety, community facilities, traffic management, marketing and delivery.

The SPD comprises: a vision for the town centre, a series of objectives, whereby progress can be monitored, and planning principles and proposals for the centre, including opportunity sites. There are a number of general principles that will apply across the centre as a whole and a number of proposals which may only apply to specific areas - where this is to be the case the areas involved are identified.

The policies and proposals within this Strategy are intended to guide development in order to achieve the vision and objectives, whilst allowing enough flexibility for future proposals to show innovation, creativity and imagination, and to appreciate the changes that may occur in the physical and economic condition of Alsager Town Centre.

It should also be noted that although the SPD does not allocate sites for a particular type of development, it does identify sites where opportunities for development exist and it goes on to provide the principles for development to which the Council will expect the development of these sites to conform.

The document was formally adopted by Cheshire East Council on 14th October 2010, and will now be a material consideration in the determination of planning applications.

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