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The consultation period started in July and ended on 30 September 2011.  During this time, we received over 2300 responses.

Overall responses

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Age of respondents: under 26 12%; 26 to 64 54%;
65 and over 31%; not given 7%

Headline results by settlement

Report of consultation

Report of consultation appendices

Citizens' panel

A survey of the Citizen Panel was carried out in November/December 2011.  This survey included questions similar to those contained in the Place Shaping Consultation questionnaire. Overall 1,878 stakeholders responded to questions on what is most important / needs improving in their local area and what they would most like to see changed.

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You can follow us and join the debate on Twitter (@PlaceShaping), Facebook (Spatial Planning - Cheshire East Council) and LinkedIn (Spatial Planning - Cheshire East Council). Encourage your friends to join too!

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