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Consultation on the Issues and Options Report for the Local Plan Core Strategy took place between 8th November and 20th December 2010.  All comments received have now been considered and the Council has produced a comprehensive report of the consultation exercise.  Appendices to the report are available to download separately due to their number and size.

Some of the material contained within the downloadable documents may not be accessible to visitors who are accessing our site using assistive technology. Should you require any further assistance or information please contact the Spatial Planning Team on 01270 685893 or 0300 123 55 00.

Consultation Documents:

Although the Issues and Options consultation has ended, the documents are still available to download for information:

Background studies, which have informed the development of the Issues and Options document can be viewed on our Evidence and Research page.

Report of Consultation:

Appendices to Report of Consultation:

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