Area Action Plan for Crewe 

Crewe Station Hub Area Action Plan ( CSHAAP )

HS2 and it's associated growth offers an enormous opportunity to improve the economic, social and built environment of Crewe and beyond. In planning for the changes associated with the arrival of HS2 to Crewe, it is necessary to set out a  bespoke planning framework within the Council's Development Plan. Whilst the Local Plan Strategy contains strategic planning policies and site allocations, this is a ‘pre-HS2 plan’ that could not address the implications of HS2 in any detail because of the time when it was prepared.

Therefore, to realise the opportunities presented by HS2, manage this change and support investment and development of Crewe Station and the surrounding area, the Council will supplement the Development Plan with an Area Action Plan for the Crewe Station Hub.

An Area Action Plan is a type of Development Plan Document providing a planning framework for a specific area of opportunity, change or conservation. Unlike the Councils Local Plan Strategy, the Area Action Plan will have a very narrow geographic focus, being confined to an area close to the existing Crewe Railway Station.

This is a more bespoke planning document than other plans which will set out a planning framework for development of the Hub Station and its environs. It is envisaged that the implications of HS2 on the wider Borough will be addressed through a full review of the Local Plan Strategy in due course. In the meantime there is an immediate imperative to plan for the transformative opportunities that HS2 presents and manage change in the Crewe Station Hub area through appropriate planning policies.

The  CSHAAP will:

  • Establish a development framework which will facilitate and manage development around a future Crewe Hub Station.
  • Upon adoption, the  CSHAAP would form part of the statutory development plan and legally be the starting point for deciding planning applications.

Current Status

The Crewe Station Hub Area Action Plan is currently being prepared. This includes preparing a body of evidence that will inform the content of the final plan and consulting with the local community, businesses, land owners and and other stakeholders.

The Council is currently consulting on its Crewe Station Hub Area Action Plan Development Strategy. This document develops the ideas and issues raised in previous consultation and sets out key options to consider in regard to the boundary of the  CSHAAP and the quantumn of development that the Council should seek to support. It also sets out a vision for the area, a series of objectives and ten General Development Principles alongside a development strategy that presents a series of ideas on how development could take place around a future HS2 Hub Station.

Consultation on the  CSHAAP Development Strategy will take place over six weeks beginning on 12 February 2019 and closing at midnight on 26 March 2019. The relevant documents are available to read and comment on by following this link to our consultation portal.

Alongside the Development Strategy an Interim Sustainability Appraisal has been produced. Both documents are available to read and comment on via our consultation portal or by downloading them below:

Hard copies of the  CSHAAP Development Strategy can be viewed in both Crewe and Nantwich Libraries, Council offices at Crewe Municipal Buildings and at Delamere House.  

Additional Consultation

The Council are keen to receive feedback on it's Development Strategy and welcome comments outside of the period of formal consultation closing on 26th March. Such comments should be sent to and although will be reported separately to those received during the formal period, will be considered as ideas are developed.

Previous Consultations:

To investigate some of the key issues at stake for this project, the Council published a  CSHAAP Issues Paper between the 6 of November 2018 and the 5 of December 2018. The document is available to read by following this link to our consultation portal or by downloading the document below. A summary of representations received is also provide below:

Next Steps

The Council will consider all comments received on the  CSHAAP Development Strategy before producing a revised draft for further consultation and submission to the Secretary of State for an independent examination.

Further Information

Adopted policies of the existing development plan, including those in the Local Plan Strategy and saved policies from the Crewe and Nantwich Local Plan will continue to be used whilst the  CSHAAP is being preparation.

Regular updates on  CSHAAP are available in our Spatial Planning Update.

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