Airport Planning (Manchester Airport)

Sustainable development plan

The Manchester Airport Sustainable Development Plan 2016 sets out the strategic context for the long-term development of Manchester Airport. It comprises a high level summary and four detailed plans that deal with the Economy and Surface Access, Environment, Community and Land Use. These plans set out in greater detail how the airport will realise future opportunities and deal with the principal issues that are faced.

Manchester Airport transformation programme

Manchester Airport has announced a 10-year investment programme which will see over £1 billion spent on improving its facilities for the millions of passengers who visit every year.

Further information is available on the Manchester Airport Transformation Programme website.

Outreach sessions and community issues

Manchester Airport attend "Community Outreach" events where they will discuss these and other airport matters.

Outreach sessions at Knutsford Library are held:

  • On Tuesdays from 9:30am to 12:15pm and 1:15pm to 5:00pm; except
  • On the first Tuesday of each month an extended evening session is held between 12:00pm and 7:00pm

In addition, MANTIS (the aircraft noise and track monitoring system) is available at the library during these times.

For further information on airport-related issues affecting local communities please see the Community Links pages on the Manchester Airport website.

Community trust fund

The Manchester Airport Community Trust Fund is used to support neighbourhood and community projects in the local area. It awards grants to local groups to benefit community projects.

Further details can be found on the Manchester Airport Community Trust Fund webpage.