Local Development Orders (LDOs)

Local Development Orders (LDOs) were first introduced within the 1990 Town and Country Planning Act. Historically Local Development Orders have been adopted on sites promoting industrial uses as the parameters are easier for the Local Authority to define, however more recently, LDOs have been prepared for a wider range of uses, including residential uses and this has been encouraged throughout various and emerging National Planning Policy documents.
Cheshire East has not previously worked on or adopted any LDOs , however there are a number of current projects which are listed below and further information will be provided on these when available.

Reaseheath LDO

Funding was received from DEFRA during 2015 to assist in the preparation of an LDO at Reaseheath College, Nantwich. The LDO was prepared in partnership with Reaseheath College and identifies 6 potential development sites which seek to enhance the teaching and learning facilities at the College campus as well as an enhancement of the wider rural economy. The LDO was subsequently adopted on 19 October 2016.
Formal consent order:
Evidence based documents:
For further information please e-mail: ReaseheathLDO@cheshireeast.gov.uk

Macclesfield LDOs

Funding was received from DCLG during 2015 to assist in the preparation of 2 residential led LDOs in Macclesfield Town Centre. Significant work has already been undertaken to refine the red line boundaries for these LDOs . They are known as Whalley Hayes and Northside –  the current, working red line plans are provided below.
An initial period of Public Consultation took place during August and September 2016 with a number of drop-in workshop sessions held throughout this period. This was used to gauge interest in the LDOs and to determine if the red line boundaries were appropriate, the published Statement of Consultation is available to view at the link below and this document details the process taken and those representations received as well as the Council’s response
To assist in providing regular updates on the preparation of the LDOs , newsletters have been prepared and sent out to key stakeholders and landowners to inform them of the key upcoming stages and how they can get involved. Those that have been circulated to date can be viewed below.
The Council recently sought views on the evidence base that has been prepared to support the LDOs , a period of Public Consultation ran from Wednesday 29 March 2017 until Friday 28 April 2017, with an extended 14 day period following this which ended on Friday 12 May.  Documents which were subject to this consultation are available to view below:
Comments and questions can be sent through to the designated e-mail address: MacclesfieldLDOs@cheshireeast.gov.uk and will be responded to as quickly as possible.