Congleton Borough local plan first review

The Congleton Local Plan contains policies and proposals for the area previously covered by Congleton Borough covering the period to 2011. It was adopted on 27 January 2005.

A number of policies from the Congleton Local Plan were saved by the Secretary of State's Direction of 27 January 2008. Some of these saved policies have now been replaced by policies in the Local Plan Strategy (adopted 27 July 2017); a list of these is available to download below.

An interactive adopted policies map is also available which shows the spatial policies of the LPS alongside the saved policies from the Congleton Local Plan, Crewe and Nantwich Local Plan, Macclesfield Local Plan, Cheshire Waste Plan and Cheshire Minerals Plan.

Please note that the saved policies in the Congleton Borough Local Plan First Review apply only to the area previously covered by Congleton Borough. Saved policies in other areas can be found in the Borough of Crewe and Nantwich Replacement Local Plan and the Macclesfield Borough Local Plan.

Page last reviewed: 06 April 2021