PPS3 Housing Self Assessment Checklist

Please explain and justify each answer to the criteria

  1. Ensuring the proposed development is in line with planning for housing objectives, reflecting the need and demand for housing in the area and does not undermine wider policy objectives:
    • How does the application accord with the housing objectives of the Borough and wider policy objectives e.g. affordable housing and urban regeneration?
  2. Ensuring developments achieve a good mix of housing reflecting the accommodation requirements of specific groups, in particular, families and older people:
    • How does the application meet the housing needs of the area and/or provide affordable housing?
  3. The suitability of a site for housing, including its environmental sustainability:
    • Is the site in a suitable and sustainable location e.g. in or near a town or district centre?
    • Is the site previously developed land?
    • What constraints exist – is the site available and achievable i.e. deliverable and developable?
  4. Using land effectively and efficiently:
    • Is the density at least 30 dwellings per hectare, if not does the character of the area dictate a lower density?
  5. Achieving high quality housing:
    • Is the site accessible to public transport and services, for example, does the site have public transport connections such as a frequent bus service?
    • Is the development well laid out - safe, accessible and user-friendly?
    • Is there adequate open space provided and/or access to recreational open space?
    • Does the design complement/improve the local character of the area?
    • Does the development make efficient use of resources, incorporate energy saving devices and adaptations to reduce climate change?  The Energy Saving Trust’s Best Practice Standard takes an integrated approach to improve levels of energy efficiency.
    • Is the car parking well-designed and integrated with streets that are pedestrian, cycle and vehicle friendly?
    • Does the development provide for the retention or re-establishment of biodiversity?
  6. Sustainability Audit:
    • The Interactive Sustainability developed by the North West Regional Assembly is no longer available.  However, the Integrated Appraisal Toolkit (PDF, 403KB) on which it was based is still available to help applicants demonstrate the sustainability of their proposals. (Please note, this PDF is not assessable by screen reader technology. If you require the information in a different format please email the Cheshire East Webteam.)

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A Microsoft Word version of the checklist is available to download and complete electronically:

Page last reviewed: 30 November 2018