North West Sustainability Appraisal Checklist for Developments

The checklist is made up of a total of 60 questions, categorised into eight different sections:

Sustainability Appraisal Checklist
Climate Change (11 questions) To ensure that new developments are appropriately adapted to the potential future impacts of climate change and to minimise their own impact on greenhouse gases, flooding, heat gain and water resources
Placemaking (16 questions)  To ensure that the most sustainable sites are used for development and that the design process, layout structure and form provide a development that is appropriate to the local context and supports a sustainable community.
Community (4 questions) To ensure that the development supports a vibrant, diverse and inclusive community which integrates with surrounding communities.
Transport (10 questions) To ensure people can reach the facilities they need by: designing out the need to travel, encouraging walking and cycling, encouraging public transport use and accommodating private cars in a way that minimises their impact and promotes a reduction in their use.
Ecology (4 questions) To ensure that the ecological value of the site is conserved and enhanced, maintaining biodiversity and protecting existing natural habitats which can contribute to and enhance the amenity of the area.
Resources (7 questions) To promote the more sustainable use of resources related to both the construction and the operation of new developments.
Business (7 questions) To ensure that the development contributes to the sustainable economic vitality of the local area and region.
Buildings (1 question) To ensure that the design of individual buildings does not undermine the sustainability of the overall development.

Page last reviewed: 08 September 2017