Determining the settlement hierarchy: LDF background report

This report was produced in 2010 and explains how the settlement hierarchy shown in the Core Strategy Issues and Options consultation document has been derived. In particular, it looks at:

  • the reasons and context for introducing a settlement hierarchy;
  • the structure and definition of the settlement hierarchy proposed for Cheshire East;
  • the overall methodology for populating the settlement hierarchy;
  • the settlements included and excluded from the hierarchy;
  • an analysis of the settlements included in the hierarchy using a range of factors used to determine its role and function; and
  • an assessment of the information gathered to determine which tier in the hierarchy to place the chosen settlements.

The approach used and its outcomes will be tested through the consultation processes associated with the development of the Core Strategy. This report will, therefore, form part of the evidence base for the Local Development Framework (LDF) and be used as a basis for developing future planning policy.

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Page last reviewed: 03 September 2018