Nantwich Riverside masterplan

The Nantwich Riverside is a linear green space in the centre of the Nantwich, a small historic market town in south Cheshire. The Riverside runs along the banks of the River Weaver which flows south-north through the centre of Nantwich.

Due to its location on the Upper Weaver, the future sustainable development of Nantwich is an integral part of Cheshire County Council’s vision for the ‘Weaver Valley Regional Park’.  The Nantwich Riverside has the potential to become a key green gateway into the Weaver Valley.

The Nantwich Riverside also has the benefit of strong support from the Mersey Basin Campaign, a key regional initiative whose main objectives are to encourage waterside regeneration and engage the community and voluntary sectors in improvement and long-term management projects.

A ‘Nantwich Riverside Partnership’ was formed in 2005, with local, sub-regional and regional organisations and interest groups working together to realise the potential of Nantwich Riverside as a valuable environmental, social and cultural resource for the area.

The Nantwich Riverside Partnership has now developed a Spatial Framework to explore the Riverside’s potential and to inform the sustainable development and long-term management of this urban open space.

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Page last reviewed: 03 September 2018