Climate change and sustainable energy planning research

The Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Study was produced in 2011 and will inform the development of energy efficiency and renewable energy policies within the Local Plan. The study assesses the feasibility of delivering various types of renewable energy and the total implementable renewable resource, taking account of constraints within the Borough.

The renewable energy technologies investigated as part of this work are:

  • Wind
  • Solar
  • Ground, water and air source heat pumps
  • Hydropower
  • Combined heat and power and district heating
  • Biomass energy
  • Anaerobic digestion and energy from waste
  • Geothermal heating

The research also identifies opportunity areas that could be suitable for the implementation of the renewable energy technologies, along with identification of financial incentives and potential project developers.

Key opportunities identified within the Borough include: district heating within a number of the larger towns in the Borough, including Crewe and Macclesfield; air and ground source heat pumps, particularly in areas off the gas network; solar energy throughout the Borough; anaerobic digestion and biomass particularly in agricultural areas; and wind power of various scales throughout the Borough.

The study then identifies potential planning policies that could be included within the Local Development Framework to make sure new development is energy efficient and promote the implementation of renewable energy across the Borough.

An erratum to the Cheshire East Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Study was identified during the preparation of the Local Plan.  The erratum relates to the calculations of the potential implementable capacity for wind energy.  The recalculation has been made to the figures and the necessary revisions are documented below and incorporated into the updated Reports.

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Page last reviewed: 03 September 2018