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This page provides the latest news and updates on the  SADPD examination. These are shown with the most recent news first.

Latest news
10 January 2022 The Inspector is currently preparing a post-hearing letter to the council, which will be notified here and added to the examination library when available.
24 November 2021 The council has now submitted all of its agreed homework items and they are available to view/download in the Examination library.
18 November 2021 The Inspector closed the Examination Hearing on 4 November 2021. The recordings for each Hearing session are on the Examination hearings page of the website and will be retained there until the Examination has been completed.
16 November 2021 The latest version of the 'homework list' dated 5 November 2021 [CEC/08b (PDF, 91KB)] has been uploaded to the examination library. It contains all of the homework items agreed between the council and Inspector during all of the hearing sessions. The Inspector is currently preparing a post-hearing letter to the council which will be added to the examination library when available.
3 November  2021 On Tuesday 3 November the session relating to Matter 10: Rural Issues had to finish before all the relevant issues could be addressed.  The Inspector has added a new session to deal with the remaining issues.  This new session will start at 11.30 on Thursday 4 November.  The session scheduled to start at 11.30 (which will address outstanding issues) will now commence at 14.00.
2 November 2021 The Hearing has reconvened today for the third and final week of scheduled Hearing sessions. All sessions may be viewed online as they happen or the full session may be viewed online after it has ended.
27 October 2021 The agendas [INS/28 (PDF, 89KB)], [INS/29 (PDF, 82KB)], [INS/30 (PDF, 104KB)], [INS/31 (PDF, 80KB)] and [INS/32 (PDF, 82KB)] for the final week of the hearing sessions have now been published. The hearing sessions will reconvene virtually at 9:30am on Tuesday 2 November.
13 October 2021 The Inspector opened the Hearing into the  SADPD on 12 October 2021. Documents submitted to the Examination will be added to the Examination library on a regular basis and may be viewed by selecting the 'Examination library' on the main page. The agendas for the second week of the Hearing are now available ([INS/22 (PDF, 99KB)], [INS/23 (PDF, 72KB)], [INS/24 (PDF, 82KB)], [INS/25 (PDF, 81KB)] and [INS/26 (PDF, 77KB)]). The Hearing may also be viewed live or viewed after the close of the session be going to the 'Examination hearings' tab on the main page and selecting the relevant session.
8 October 2021 The Inspector has published a revised version of the Draft Hearing Programme [INS/13 (PDF, 165KB)] and accompanying Virtual Hearing Etiquette Guidance [INS/14 (PDF, 99KB)]. Also published are the agendas for the first week of the Hearing ([INS/15 (PDF, 69KB)], [INS/16 (PDF, 96KB)], [INS/17 (PDF, 120KB)], [INS/18 (PDF, 95KB)], [INS/19 (PDF, 91KB)] and [INS/20 (PDF, 86KB)]) which is due to commence at 10:00 on Tuesday 12 October.
28 September 2021 The Inspector published an addendum [INS/11 (PDF, 100KB)] to his  MIQs Part 1 [INS/08 (PDF, 255KB)] and  MIQs Part 2 [INS/10 (PDF, 133KB)]. It includes two additional questions in relation to Matter 7 (Policy INF 4) and Matter 11 (Policy REC 1). The deadline for the submission of statements in relation to the addendum is Friday 1 October 2021.

The Inspector has also published his Draft Hearing Programme [INS/12 (PDF, 164KB)] which lists the participants for each session of the Hearing.
27 September 2021 The deadline for submission of hearing positions statements (HPS) in relation to part 1 of the MIQs  (Matters 1 to 7) was Friday 24 September. All of the statements are available to view/download from the Examination library. The deadline for receipt of statements relating to part 2 of the MIQs (Matters 8 to 12) is 12:00 midday Friday 1 October 2021.
9 September 2021 The Inspector has published his matters, issues and questions part 2 matters 8-12 [INS/10 (PDF, 133KB)]. The deadline for receipt of responses is 1 October 2021.
27 August 2021

The Inspector issued a letter [INS/09 (PDF, 242KB)] in relation to the start of the Hearing. The letter also included the examination guidance note [INS/06 (PDF, 199KB)], draft Hearing programme [INS/07 (PDF, 113KB)] and part 1 of the Inspector's matters, issues and questions [INS/08 (PDF, 255KB)]. For information, please note the following key dates:

  • Friday 17 September, 12:00 midday: Deadline to confirm with the Programme Officer whether you wish to exercise the right to be heard.
  • Friday 24 September, 12:00 midday: Deadline for submission of statements for Matters 1-7.
  • Friday 1 October, 12:00 midday: Deadline for submission of statements for Matters 8-12.
  • Tuesday 12 October, 10:00am: Hearing sessions open. 
27 August 2021 Notice is given that the Hearing into the Cheshire East Local Plan: Site Allocations and Development Policies Document will commence at 10:00am on Tuesday 12 October 2021. The sessions will be held virtually using Microsoft Teams, to overcome restrictions on venue capacity due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Further details may be found in the Notice of Commencement of Hearings [INS/05 (PDF, 18KB)]
26 August 2021 The council sent a letter [CEC/02 (PDF, 115KB)] to the Inspector regarding the Poynton Sports Club Mitigation Strategy [CEC/02a (PDF 8.5MB)] requesting that the document be accepted by the Inspector as additional evidence. The Inspector responded to the council [INS/04 (PDF, 81KB)] stating that he is willing to accept the document is additional evidence and will refer to it in his Matters, Issues and Questions (MIQs), which will form the basis for discussion at the Hearing and will be published shortly.
30 July 2021 The council has responded to the Inspector's initial questions [CEC/01 (PDF, 492KB)] as set out in his letters [INS/02 (PDF, 98KB] and [INS/03 (PDF, 81KB)].
27 July 2021 Following the publication of the revised National Planning Policy Framework on 20 July 2021, the Inspector has sent a further letter to the council [INS/03 (PDF, 81KB)] and added an additional question to his letter dated 12 July 2021 [INS/02 (PDF, 98KB)].
13 July 2021 The Inspector sent a letter setting out his initial questions to the council [INS/02 (PDF, 98KB)]. The Inspector has asked the council to respond by 30 July 2021.
29 April 2021 The  SADPD has been submitted for examination.
19 March 2021 The decision to submit the SADPD for examination was made at the meeting of the full council on 19 April 2021.

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