Inspector and Programme Officer

The Inspector

The Secretary of State has appointed Mike Hayden BSc (Hons) DipTP MRTPI to hold an independent examination of the Cheshire East SADPD .

In assessing whether the plan is legally-compliant and sound, the Inspector will consider the supporting evidence provided by the council and all the representations made under Regulation 20 .

At the end of the examination, the Inspector will send a report to the council, recommending whether or not the  SADPD can be adopted. This report may also recommend any 'main modifications' that are necessary to allow the  SADPD to be adopted.

The Programme Officer

The council has appointed Carole Crookes as the Programme Officer for the  SADPD examination, to assist with its organisation and administration.

The Programme Officer works for the Inspector and co-ordinates all communications between the Inspector, the council, and other participants in the examination process.

Programme Officer contact details
Contact details
Programme Officer: Carole Crookes
Independent Programme Officer Solutions
Address: PO BOX 789, Wakefield WF1 9UY
Telephone: 07397 909822

Page last reviewed: 17 November 2021