Policy REC 4: Day nurseries

Proposals for the development of new, or the extension or intensification of use of existing day nurseries and play groups should meet all of the following criteria:

  1. the development provides for an adequately sized and well screened garden for outdoor play;
  2. the proposals are of a scale appropriate to the locality and will not unacceptably harm the amenity of local residents by virtue of noise, loss of privacy and traffic generation;
  3. adequate car parking is provided in accordance with the car parking standards set out in LPS Appendix C 'Parking standards'; and
  4. there are satisfactory vehicular arrangements for the dropping off and collection of children without causing a highway danger.

Supporting information

11.13 The policy supports the provision of day nurseries and play groups in the borough whilst seeking to make sure that they are well planned, maintain the amenity of surrounding residents and do not undermine highway safety.

Policy information


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