Policy HOU 15: Housing delivery

  1. The council supports the use of masterplans, design codes and area-wide design assessments to help bring forward and co-ordinate the delivery of housing sites and infrastructure in the borough.
  2. The council will support the sub-division of large sites, where this could help to speed up the delivery of homes, and does not conflict with their comprehensive planning and delivery when read alongside other policies in the local plan.
  3. Modern methods of construction will be encouraged where their use supports the delivery of homes and does not conflict with other policies in the local plan.
  4. To help make sure that proposals for housing development are implemented in a timely manner, the council will consider imposing planning condition(s) requiring development to begin within a timescale shorter than the relevant default period, where this would expedite the development without threatening its deliverability or viability.

Supporting information

8.70 The council will work closely with key partners, developers and landowners to expedite the delivery of housing and to maintain at least a five year deliverable supply of housing land and meet the overall development requirements of the local plan.

8.71 The sub-division of larger sites to support the delivery of homes will only be supported where the delivery requirements of the larger site, for example by infrastructure delivery, public open space or the wider objectives of the site are not compromised.

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