Policy HOU: 1 Housing mix

  1. In line with LPS Policy SC 4 'Residential mix', housing developments should deliver a range and mix of house types, sizes and tenures, which are spread throughout the site and that reflect and respond to identified housing needs and demands. Taking account of the most up to date housing needs and demand information, national policies and where relevant, neighbourhood plan policies, a housing mix statement should be provided at detailed planning/reserved matters stage for all major housing schemes on how the proposed housing mix and type on the site responds to:
    1. assessments of housing need including house types, tenures and sizes using Table 8.1 'Indicative house type tenures and sizes' as a starting point for analysis;
    2. assessment of the local housing market and its characteristics;
    3. character and design of the site and local area reflecting on the scheme's ability to accommodate a mix and range of housing; and
    4. the requirements of Policy HOU 3 'Self and custom build dwellings'.
  2. The housing mix statement should demonstrate how the proposal would address the needs of particular groups in the borough including first time buyers, those wishing to self build, families, the requirements of an ageing population and those also wishing to downsize.
  3. The housing mix statement should also address how the proposal will be capable of meeting, and adapting to, the long term needs of the borough’s older residents including supporting independent living.
  4. Housing developments that do not demonstrate an appropriate mix on the site will not be permitted. Where a housing mix statement is required, the council will consider the extent to which it addresses the factors outlined above in determining whether a scheme provides for an appropriate housing mix on site.

Supporting information

8.2 The housing requirement set out in LPS Policy PG 1 'Overall development strategy' of 1,800 homes each year is based on the housing need of all existing and future residents. This policy builds on LPS Policy SC 4 'Residential mix', which seeks to make sure that housing is provided that is reflective of housing need across the borough as a whole. An appropriate mix of housing will need to be provided in individual developments, proportionate to the scale of the development proposed. Housing developments should not be dominated by large dwellings (four or more bedrooms), which are unlikely to meet the majority of the borough’s housing needs.

8.3 The demographic profile of the borough is expected to change throughout the plan period as a result of an ageing population. Providing a mix of housing is important to support independent living and choice. This also includes ensuring that housing design is flexible enough to adapt to meeting the changing needs of residents over time. Therefore, reference should also be made to Policy HOU 2 'Specialist housing provision' and Policy HOU 8 'Space, accessibility and wheelchair housing standards'.

8.4 The council will encourage all residential developments to be designed and built to encourage sustainable and flexible living. In particular, it will provide accommodation that can be easily adapted to suit changing household needs and circumstances, including to cater for home working and to benefit household members with disabilities or older residents who may need care and support (considered alongside other policies in the local plan). All dwellings should therefore incorporate sufficient storage space and floor layouts, which will provide practical usable space and a good standard of amenity.

8.5 The housing mix statement should be a proportionate and up to date assessment of local circumstances and demonstrate how the proposed mix of housing tenure, type and sizes can help support the creation of mixed, balanced and inclusive communities. The mix of housing coming forward on sites will vary dependent on several site and market factors. Information presented through the housing mix statement, focused on the factors identified in Policy HOU 1,will assist the council in determining whether a proposal provides for an appropriate housing mix. The Cheshire East Residential Mix Study (2019) includes an assessment of the bedroom size and tenure of housing in Cheshire East up to 2030 and should be considered the starting point for the analysis included in the housing mix statement as set out in Table 8.1 'Indicative house type tenures and sizes' footnote 16.

Table 8.1 Indicative house type tenures and sizes
Bedroom typeMarket housingIntermediate housingAffordable housing for rent
1 bedroom 5% 14% 26%
2 bedroom 23% 53% 42%
3 bedroom 53% 28% 20%
4 bedroom 15% 4% 10%
5+ bedroom 3% 1% 3%

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(Footnote 16) Note: figures quoted in Table 8.1 'Indicative house type tenures and sizes' are rounded to the nearest whole number and do not necessarily sum exactly to 100%

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