Site CNG 1: Land off Alexandria Way

Land off Alexandria Way is allocated for employment development for 0.95 ha of employment land. Development proposals for the site must:

  1. retain and enhance areas of landscape quality, connectivity and achieve high quality design in line with the principles of the North Congleton Masterplan; and
  2. undertake a Mineral Resource Assessment for sand and gravel, including silica sand.

Supporting information

12.32  This site forms a prominent location into Site LPS 27 'Congleton Business Park Extension'. Development should follow the site specific principles of development of site LPS 27, particularly ‘the need for high quality design reflecting the prominent landscape location and creating a vibrant destination and attractive public realm.’

12.33  Reference should also be made to the North Congleton Masterplan (PDF, 9.6MB). The masterplan and policy wording for Site LPS 27 sets out the importance of:

12.34  A botanical survey will be needed to consider the ecological value of grassland present on the site. This should be prepared in accordance with LPS Policy SE 3 ‘Biodiversity and geodiversity’.

12.35  The council is aware from BGS mineral resource mapping that the site is likely to contain sand and gravel, and silica sand resources, as well as being part of a wider adjoining sand resource. As sand is a finite resource essential to support economic growth, it is considered to be of local and national importance in planning policy terms. In line with LPS Policy SE 10 ‘Sustainable provision of minerals’ and national guidance on mineral safeguarding, the council will require the applicant to submit a Mineral Resource Assessment as part of any application to provide information on the feasibility of prior extraction of the mineral resource before the proposed development proceeds and the sterilisation potential that the proposed development will have on any future extraction of the wider resource. The Mineral Resource Assessment should be of a standard acceptable to the council, as the minerals planning authority, and undertaken by a suitably competent person with appropriate qualifications or professional background, such as a minerals surveyor. The findings of the Mineral Resource Assessment will be an important planning consideration in the determination of any planning application for the development of this site.

12.36  Further information on Mineral Resource Assessments can be found in the Minerals Safeguarding Practice Guidance v1.4 (PDF, 299KB) (2019, The Mineral Products Association & The Planning Officers Society).

Policy information


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