Minerals and Waste Development Plan Document

The Minerals and Waste Development Plan Document is the third part of the new Cheshire East Local Plan. It will set out the Council’s planning policies on minerals and waste.

The MWDPD will:

  • Set strategic and detailed planning policies to guide decisions on planning applications for minerals and waste development in the Borough
  • Identify capacity gaps and needs for further mineral and waste provision
  • Allocate sites and areas for minerals and waste uses
  • Establish mineral safeguarding areas

Current status

The Mineral and Waste Development Plan Document is currently in preparation.

The Minerals and Waste Issues Paper Consultation and associated call for sites exercise took place between 24 April and 05 June 2017. The issues paper identified a range of matters that the MWDPD is likely to address and was the first consultation in the preparation of the MWDPD.

The production of the MWDPD document will be informed by Sustainability Appraisal, to assess its social, environmental and economic impacts. A Draft  SA Scoping Report (identifying the scope and methodology for the Sustainability Appraisal) was the subject of a separate consultation between 27 February and 10 April 2017. The  SA Scoping Report has now been published and can be downloaded from the Local Plan Sustainability Appraisal page.

We have also published the Report of Consultation (PDF, 1.1 MB) on the MWDPD Issues Paper. We are considering all the comments received before writing a draft version of the MWDPD. There will be public consultation on this draft MWDPD before producing a revised draft for further consultation and submission to the Secretary of State for an independent examination.

Call for Sites

We carried out a ‘call for sites’ exercise between 24 April and 05 June 2017 when we asked landowners, developers and other interested parties to submit sites for consideration. This call for sites period has now ended and we are considering all the information provided, to inform the proposed draft MWDPD allocation of sites.

Further information

A number of saved policies from the Cheshire Waste Plan and Cheshire Minerals Plan will continue to be used until the MWDPD has been adopted.