Site LPS 49: Land at Sprink Farm, Poynton

The development of Land at Sprink Farm over the Local Plan Strategy period will be achieved through:

  1. The delivery of around 150 new homes;
  2. Incorporation of green infrastructure, including:
    1. an appropriate level of amenity open space and children's play space;
    2. creation of links within the site to incorporate the existing public right of way through the site and to the adjoining network of footpaths; and
    3. pedestrian and cycle links to new and existing residential areas, employment areas, shops, schools and health facilities, including improved pedestrian links to the town centre, and the railway station.
  3. Open space provision to accommodate the need for enhanced or new indoor and outdoor sports facilities to accommodate the additional demand from the housing. Provision should be in accordance with an adopted up to date and robust Playing Pitch Strategy and Indoor Sports Strategy.

Site Specific Principles of Development

  1. Contributions to existing, and the provision of new, public transport links to the town centre.
  2. Contributions to education and health infrastructure.
  3. The provision of affordable housing in line with the policy requirements set out in Policy SC 5 'Affordable Homes'.
  4. A site specific Flood Risk Assessment should be prepared.
  5. New development will be expected to respect any flooding constraints on the site and, where necessary, provide appropriate mitigation.
  6. Any application would need to be supported by a full ecological appraisal.
  7. Mitigation would be required to address any impacts on protected species.
  8. Any woodland, priority habitats or habitats of Local Wildlife Site quality on the site should be retained and buffered by areas of open space/habitat creation.
  9. The protected trees shall be retained and incorporated into any development.
  10. New Green Belt boundaries should be strengthened through additional planting.
  11. A minimum of a Phase 1 Preliminary Risk Assessment for contaminated land should be carried out to demonstrate that the site is, or could be made, suitable for use should it be found to be contaminated. Further work, including a site investigation, may be required at a pre-planning stage, depending on the nature of the site.
  12. Poynton Brook should be retained and an undeveloped 8 metres wide buffer zone should be provided alongside it.


15.567 The site is located on the edge of Poynton, to the south east of the town. The site has been identified to deliver around 150 dwellings and presents an opportunity to deliver a high quality, sustainable residential development. The southern boundary of the site is formed by Poynton Brook, which provides opportunities for links to existing footpaths.

15.568 The majority of the site is greenfield with some buildings present and covers an area of about 5 hectares. There is good access to the site by road from the town and by public transport services along Dickens Lane.

15.569 It is important that cycle and pedestrian links between the site and the surrounding residential and employment areas are provided to improve connectivity within and around the town.

15.570 The provision of green infrastructure and the improvement of existing green infrastructure are of paramount importance. This will assist in improving the health and well-being of residents and employees, as well as enhancing the environment of the local area.

15.571 The council would require the retention of the site’s valued trees along the brook to the south and west boundary.

15.572 Full consideration of mitigation and management should be given to the impact on the footpath that crosses the site.

15.573 It is important that buffering planting along the southern boundary of the site is provided to protect the stream and woodland.

15.574 Habitats for protected species and appropriate mitigation, if required, will be provided within the site; the development will have to be appropriately sited to make sure that there is not any adverse impact on such habitat areas.

15.575 Part of the site is located in an area of flood risk of Poynton Brook, and as such it should be demonstrated that the proposed development would be safe from fluvial flooding, and would not increase the risk of flooding elsewhere. As with any development adjacent to a main river an undeveloped buffer zone should be provided. The buffer zone needs to be 8 metres wide measured from bank top for the whole extent of the watercourse. Bank top is defined as the point at which the bank meets normal land levels.

15.576 Any new sports provision should be in accordance with an adopted up to date and robust Playing Pitch Strategy and Indoor Sports Strategy and with Policy SC 2 ‘Indoor and Outdoor Sports Facilities’.

15.577 The site has potential for contamination to be present, therefore at least a Phase 1 Preliminary Risk Assessment for contaminated land needs to be carried out to ensure that any contamination that is present is subject to appropriate remediation.

15.578 Details of Construction Environment Management Plans, landscaping, green infrastructure and open space proposals should be submitted to the council during any future planning application process on this site to ensure that it meets sustainable development principles.

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