Site LPS 38 Land South of Longridge, Knutsford

The development of Land South of Longridge over the Local Plan Strategy period will be achieved through:

  1. The provision of around 225 dwellings;
  2. Provision for public open space within the site, as well as improving pedestrian and cycle linkages; and
  3. Provision of a landscape buffer adjacent to Booths Mere Local Wildlife Site.

Site Specific Principles of Development

  1. The development must provide for a mixture of housing types, sizes and tenures dwellings including provision of affordable housing in line with the policy requirements set out in Policy SC 5 'Affordable Homes'.
  2. Provision should be made for formal  recreation space including children’s play facilities and informal public open space within the site, supplementing existing green infrastructure.
  3. New development will be expected to respect any existing ecological constraints on site and where necessary provide appropriate mitigation particularly with respect the setting of Booths Mere Local Wildlife Site and Birkin Brook.
  4. Contributions to education facilities.
  5. Provision of pedestrian and cycle links and retention of existing public rights of way. Provision of green corridors around existing natural features plus links to the wider footpath network.
  6. Contributions towards highway infrastructure improvements.
  7. Reinforcing but sensitive boundary treatment to ensure an enduring Green Belt boundary. This will include the retention and enhancement of the existing woodland belt to the south east of the site.
  8. A minimum of a Phase 1 Preliminary Risk Assessment for contaminated land should be carried out to demonstrate that the site is, or could be made; suitable for use should it be found to be contaminated.  Further work, including a site investigation, may be required at a pre-planning stage, depending on the nature of the site.
  9. The site will be developed only where it can be demonstrated that there is no adverse impact on the Midland Meres and Mosses Phase 1 Ramsar (Tatton Mere and The Mere SSSI) particularly in relation to changes in water levels and quality and recreational pressures. This should include a Habitats Regulations Assessment of the direct and indirect impacts of the development on the features of special interest. Where impacts cannot be avoided, appropriate mitigation measures will be required to ensure no adverse effects on the integrity of these sites.


15.465 The site offers an excellent opportunity for a sustainable residential development which will contribute to meeting Knutsford’s housing requirements.

15.466 Investment into this part of Knutsford could enable further regeneration to the adjacent Longridge estate and potential wider transport infrastructure improvements.

15.467 The site is in an accessible location, within walking distance of a wide range of services and amenities with good public transport links with bus stops opposite the site.

15.468 The site has potential for contamination to be present therefore at least a Phase 1 Preliminary Risk Assessment for contaminated land needs to be carried out to ensure that any contamination that is present is subject to appropriate remediation.

15.469 The council expects that the following are considered in the context of the ecological value of the site due to its proximity to a European site(s):

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