Site LPS 34: Land Between Clay Lane and Sagars Road, Handforth

The development of the land between Clay Lane and Sagars Road over the Local Plan Strategy period will be achieved through:

  1. The delivery of around 250 dwellings;
  2. Provision of a direct cycle and pedestrian link from the site to the west to improve connectivity. A link to the open space to the east should also be provided as part of any development; and
  3. Retention of trees and woodlands on the edges of the site, with new planting to re-enforce important landscape features and to properly define a new Green Belt boundary.

Site Specific Principles of Development

  1. The development must be a high quality design which reflects and respects the character of the area and the amenities of neighbouring properties.
  2. Provide a comprehensive landscaping scheme which retains existing mature trees and hedgerows particularly on the perimeter of the site.
  3. Creation of a new vehicular access to the site of sufficient capacity to accommodate the proposed development.
  4. Improve the connectivity and accessibility into and out of the site to Handforth town centre and the wider local area with the provision of cycle paths and pedestrian linkages.
  5. Provision should be made for public open space, possibly utilising Dobbin Brook as a focus for green infrastructure. Any new development will be expected to make contributions to playing fields and children’s play facilities where these cannot be provided on site.
  6. New development will be expected to respect any existing ecological constraints on site and where necessary provide appropriate mitigation.
  7. Provide contributions to health and education infrastructure.
  8. The Local Plan Strategy site is expected to provide affordable housing in line with the policy requirements set out in Policy SC 5 'Affordable Homes'.
  9. A minimum of a Phase 1 Preliminary Risk Assessment for contaminated land should be carried out to demonstrate that the site is, or could be made suitable for use should it be found to be contaminated.  Further work, including a site investigation, may be required at a pre-planning stage, depending on the nature of the site.


15.417 The site offers excellent opportunities for a sustainable residential development which will contribute to meeting Handforth’s housing requirements.

15.418 The site is reasonably well located to Handforth, with bus routes nearby and is within walking distance to Handforth Railway Station and shopping centre. There is the opportunity for linkage to, and improvement of, adjoining rights of way for pedestrians and cyclists.

15.419 With a quality design, the development of the site could respect the character and distinctiveness of the locality with quality design. Green links could be created, improving local connectivity and benefiting new residents as well as the wider area. 

15.420 The site has potential for contamination to be present therefore at least a Phase 1 Preliminary Risk Assessment for contaminated land needs to be carried out to ensure that any contamination that is present is subject to appropriate remediation.

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