Policy SE 11: Sustainable Management of Waste

To achieve the sustainable management of waste in Cheshire East, the council will:

  1. Expect all proposals for waste management development to maximise opportunities for waste to be managed in accordance with the principles of the Waste Hierarchy whereby priority will be given, in order, to its (i) prevention; (ii) preparation for re-use; (iii) recycling; (iv) other recovery; and (v) disposal.
  2. Meet the predicted needs of Cheshire East through provision of sufficient opportunities for waste management facilities in appropriate locations, including for waste disposal. This will be achieved through the preparation of a Waste Development Plan Document (DPD). This plan will:
    1. Identify sites and areas suitable for new or enhanced waste management facilities for the identified waste management needs of Cheshire East footnote 77 over the plan period.
    2. Integrate with Cheshire East’s municipal waste management strategy.
    3. Set out policies to ensure that proposals for the management of waste do not endanger human health or cause environmental harm.


13.119 A key objective of sustainable development is to produce less waste and wherever possible use it as a resource. To deliver this, the management of waste must be driven up the ‘Waste Hierarchy’ footnote 78 whereby options for management are prioritised in order according to their environmental impact. The most sustainable and environmentally friendly option is to reduce the amount of waste that is produced in the first place. When waste is created, priority is then given to preparing it for re-use, then to recycling (including composting), then to recovery (including energy generation), and last of all disposal (for example landfill).

13.120 Specific policies and the allocation of sites for waste development in Cheshire East will be set out in the Minerals and Waste DPD. This will be prepared with regard to the Waste Management Plan for England and in consistency with national waste planning policy footnote 79. Production of the Waste DPD will follow the timetable outlined in the Local Development Scheme (LDS) to ensure the timely provision of new facilities.

13.121 The Minerals and Waste DPD will identify and address the waste management needs of Cheshire East and plan for appropriate provision based on analysis of the best available waste data and appraisal of options. This will be based upon updated evidence on the authority's waste arisings (for all waste streams), its management capacity and on cross boundary waste flows both into and out of the authority area.

13.122 Sites and areas in the borough suitable for new or enhanced waste management facilities will be identified consistent with criteria set out in national waste planning policy and, if necessary, safeguarded for this use. Recognition will be given to the benefits of co-locating waste management facilities and the potential for new technologies that use waste as a resource to help drive its management up the Waste Hierarchy.

13.123 The Minerals and Waste DPD will also integrate with the council’s municipal waste strategy to ensure Cheshire East's waste is managed in the most sustainable way, reducing reliance on landfill.

13.124 Policy will be set to ensure that the environment and human health is protected through the prevention or mitigation of the adverse impacts of the generation and management of waste, complementing other relevant policies in the Local Plan.

13.125 It is recognised that waste management is strategic in nature and that movements of materials cross administrative boundaries. Preparation of the Minerals and Waste DPD will involve engaging with other relevant Waste Planning Authorities to address any issues of cross boundary waste movements based on the evidence available.

Key Evidence

  1. Waste Management Needs Assessment – For Cheshire East Borough Council, LRS (2014)
  2. Cheshire Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy 2007-2020, Cheshire Waste Partnership
  3. Cheshire East Council Municipal Waste Management Strategy to 2030
  4. National Planning Policy For Waste

 (Footnote 77) Including parts of the Borough in the Peak District National Park.

(Footnote 78) A legislative requirement under Article 4 of the revised EU Waste Framework (Directive 2008/98/EC) transposed through the Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011.

(Footnote 79) The National Planning Policy Framework does not contain specific waste policies. Updated national waste planning policy has been published as part of the Waste Management Plan for England replacing the existing national waste planning policy contained in Planning Policy Statement 10 (PPS10): Planning for Sustainable Waste Management.

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