General Information about the Local Land Charges Service

Our Aims

To provide fair access for all of our customers whether this be to view our registers or to process a full or part search enquiry, ensuring at all times that the Council can still undertake its statutory duties.

We will continually review our policies and procedures in attempting to meet the changing demand both in the market place and as our technology evolves.

To deliver our service in a manner that allows us to fairly apportion our time between all of our customers requirements.

Our Ambitions

To provide a fully automated electronic service delivery, where all of our manual records have been captured onto the computerised system and we can produce response within minutes of a request being submitted.

To excel in our profession and achieve recognition through the Local Land Charges Industry awards in the future as Cheshire East Council Local Land Charges.

Our Achievements

  • Returning searches directly to you via email -  when your email address is provided on requesting forms
  • Nominated for the Land Data 2013 Awards for  ' Most Improved NLIS Services Award'  

Our Future Vision

To provide a fully automated electronic service delivery, with all of our paper records captured onto the computerised system and being able to produce response within minutes of a request being submitted.

Providing a submission service for searches direct to the Council with no middle man or add-ons incurred.

To set up working groups with solicitors to identify needs and aspirations of the service in the future.

In addition we will be considering along with many other suggestions:

  • Payments on account
  • Submission of your search direct to our email account

Contact us

Land Charges
Cheshire East Council

01270 686787
DX no: 725221 Crewe 8

Municipal Buildings
Earle Street


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